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PNY Nvidia T400 4GB Graphics Card BULK Board Only VCNT4004GB-BLK

PNY Nvidia T400 4GB Graphics Card BULK Board Only VCNT4004GB-BLK

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Great 2D and 3D Performance in a Small Form Factor Solution

NVIDIA GPUs power the world’s most advanced desktop workstations, providing the visual computing power required by millions of professionals as part of their daily workflow. All phases of the professional workflow, from creating, editing, and viewing 2D and 3D models and video, to working with multiple applications across several displays, benefit from the power that only a discreet GPU solution can provide. NVIDIA entry level professional GPUs provide advanced features and performance far beyond what is available with integrated GPU solutions – all in a low-profile package, enabling deployment in a wide range of small form factor workstations. Step up to the power of an NVIDIA discreet professional GPU.

As part of the NVIDIA RTX family of professional GPUs, the NVIDIA T400 4GB provides the performance, features, reliability, and support that customers expect from NVIDIA enterprise solutions. As businesses look to lower the total cost of their computing solutions, while minimizing impacts to productivity, NVIDIA T400 4GB provides them with a robust, cost effective solution that helps them stay within budget, while providing better performance than integrated graphics.



CUDA Cores 384
GPU Memory 4 GB GDDR6
Peak FP32 Performance 1.094 TFLOPS
Memory Interface 64-bit
Memory Bandwidth 80 GB/s
Max Power Consumption 30 W
System Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Display Connectors 3x mDP
Form Factor 2.713” H x 6.137” L, Low-Profile Single Slot
Thermal Solution Active Fansink

NVIDIA T400 Performance and Features

Value for End-Users

  • Powered by NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture, NVIDIA T400 4GB delivers up to 60% more performance than the previous generation.
  • Work with 2D/3D modeling or video editing multi-application workflows with higher levels of interactivity.
  • Ensures hardware compatibility and stability through NVIDIA support of the latest OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, and NVIDIA CUDA standards, deep ISV developer engagements, and certification with over 100 professional software applications.
  • Enables creation and playback of H.264 and HEVC video with dedicated decode and encode engines that are independent of the 3D graphics and compute pipeline.
  • With support for DisplayPort 1.4, NVIDIA T400 4GB can drive three displays natively or a maximum of up to three 5K displays or one 8K display per card. Combine up to four NVIDIA T400 4GB boards in a single system to create display walls or other immersive environments.
  • Experience stunning visuals with HDR color support and up to 120 Hz refresh rates for 4K displays with 30-bit color.
  • NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager software offers intuitive window management, multiple desktops, and application management that allows you to spread work across a single large display or multiple displays.


Value for IT Administrators

  • Experience higher-quality products, driven by power-efficient hardware designs and component selection, for optimum operational performance, durability, and longevity.
  • Enjoy maximum uptime thanks to exhaustive product testing in conjunction with leading OEMs and system integrators that simulate the most demanding real-world conditions.
  • Remotely monitor and manage NVIDIA T400 4GB boards deployed in your enterprise by integrating the NVIDIA Enterprise Management toolkit within your IT asset management framework.
  • Scale up NVIDIA T400 4GB deployment to hundreds of workstations using the powerful driver installer included with the NVIDIA Enterprise Management toolkit.
  • Simplify software driver deployment through a regular cadence of long-life, stable driver releases based on a robust feature-development and quality-assurance process.

NVIDIA T400 Solutions


  • Enables designers and engineers to create visually compelling 2D and 3D models.
  • Offers support for up to four 5K displays (three physical display connectors on the board) for an expansive desktop that enables designers to work with multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Supports displays at up to 8K resolution.
  • Combine multiple NVIDIA T400 4GB boards for large visual workspaces.

Media and Entertainment

  • Allows editors to work in real time with HDR content and up to 5K full resolution.
  • Enables artists working with 3D models or 2D imagery to realize better performance with assets stored in dedicated high-performance graphics memory.
  • Creates and plays back ultra-high quality HDR content with dedicated H.264/HEVC encode and decode engines.
  • Combines multiple NVIDIA T400 4GB boards to create expansive visual display solutions.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • Allows architects to create visually compelling models, view 2D and 3D designs and plans, in real time, with no lag.
  • Equips urban designers with the tools to create models with more detail and complexity.

Financial Services

  • Drives up to three 4K displays directly from onboard mini-DisplayPort 1.4 patented latching connectors (up to 4 displays using MST). Creates expansive visual environments with up to 12 total displays, using up to three NVIDIA T400 cards per system.
  • Enables users to adjust financial models, communicate with brokers, and execute trades in one view, by managing multiple windows across multiple applications and desktops, with NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager software.
  • Improves productivity by running multi-application workflows without performance impact.
  • Uses minimal power, resulting in lower TCO.



What are the key features of the NVIDIA T400 4GB?


The NVIDIA T400 is built on the NVIDIA Turing architecture and features:

  • 384 CUDA Cores for up to 60% faster graphics performance compared to the previous generation.
  • 4 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory
  • Power-efficient, low profile design that fits in small form factor workstations
  • Ability to drive up to three 5K displays at 60 Hz.


Who is the target audience for these entry level graphics cards?


The latest generation entry level graphics cards are intended for creative and technical professionals across manufacturing and product design, media and entertainment, AEC, and financial services who are creating 2D or 3D models, or doing HD video editing and need accelerated graphics performance in a small form factor, and driving multiple displays reliably without compromising performance.


Which driver supports the latest entry level graphics cards?


The NVIDIA T1000, T600 and T400 graphics cards are supported by the latest NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver Release 460 driver, which is available for download at

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