About Us

Operating since 2019, we began as bioinformatics consultants by day and gamers by night. In the past two years we expanded into laboratory based systems integration, data science, and visualization. We continue to evolve, following our passions and interests and molding our business to focus on what we are excited about and know best.

We have experience in a multitude of topics, techniques, and software including video game development, in camera vfx, deep learning, metabolomics, computational neuroscience, 3D modeling, rigging and animation, and streaming data processing.

We sell what we know and use in our own professional and personal projects. We have formed partnerships with nearly every North American computer component distributor and a number of manufacturers including Lenovo, PNY Technologies, MSI, Asus, Intel, AMD, and are members of the NVIDIA Developer Program and the Unreal Engine Development Group. As we continue to grow and create new partnerships we are excited about the prospect of offering more products and negotiate better prices to pass the savings onto you. We hope to grow a community of professionals and hobbyists interested in gaming, biology, film making, animation, robotics, and foster exciting collaborations between people (and corgi's) from all over. We aim to become your new favorite stop for anything tech related. Keep an eye out for us!

For information about our consulting services, get a quote on a CORGITECH built high performance PCs, request products for addition to our shop, inquire about bulk purchase orders, or request financial need/hardship consideration forms, please email info@corgitech.us

Have Fun!


955 Massachusetts Ave 


Cambridge, MA 02139