Solidigm D7-P5520 Series

The Highest Performance for the Most Demanding Workloads

Our highest-performing SSD Series includes the Solidigm D7-P5520: one of the industry’s most advanced PCIe products, performance-tuned for the real world. Designed with the highest standard endurance and tested with zero tolerance for data errors, it delivers consistently durable performance.

Accelerate and Consolidate Mixed and Mainstream Random Workloads

For highly mixed and mainstream workload environments requiring low latency for improved user experience, the D7-P5520 delivers consistent, exceptional performance where it counts. For solutions such as AI/ML, database, and cloud applications, it provides substantial random and sequential read/writes, high random read IOPS, and sequential write throughput.

The Industry’s Broadest PCIe 4.0 Portfolio

Form factor and capacity expansion enable server modernization opportunities spanning a broad range of 1U and 2U configurations for compute and storage servers. The Solidigm D7-P5520 is available in U.2, E1.L, E1.S 9.5 mm and E1.S 15 mm form factors.

Deploy With Confidence

Solidigm D7 Series drives are designed and tested with a passion for—and a relentless focus on—quality and reliability. Our data reliability is enhanced on multiple levels with PLI testing that simulates real-world conditions. Consistency is key, and this SSD provides up to 90% IOPS consistency and <0.3% IOPS variability over the life of the drive.