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EVGA NU Audio Pro Surround Sound Card

EVGA NU Audio Pro Surround Sound Card

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Introducing the EVGA NU Audio Pro Cards

The EVGA NU Audio Card reintroduced the PC world to high-end audio, both stunning the audio world and making new fans along the way. The singular idea of producing Lifelike Audio and Gaming at an affordable price led to an exclusive partnership between one of the world’s most recognizable PC hardware manufacturers and one of the true icons of the audio world – Audio Note (UK).



The NU Audio Pro Cards change the game once again. The pursuit of audio perfection on a PC takes another step forward with the introduction of a 7.1 Surround solution by EVGA and Audio Note. We took the solid foundation of the NU Audio Card, improved the component selections throughout, and matched it to a secondary card to provide surround support.

The result is an experience where critical listening sessions can yield to enjoyment, and where thinking will surrender to feeling.



Nothing keeps you in the moment better than when you’re surrounded on all sides with a symphony, an action-packed movie, or a tension-filled battle in your favorite game. Coupled with the low noise floor and clean audio signature, the NU Audio Pro is engineered from the ground up to ensure consistent and accurate positioning without the need for excessive customization.


Not ready for analog surround today? Enjoy the quality of the NU Audio Pro Card now and pick up a NU Audio Pro Surround Card when you’re ready to make the jump to quadraphonic, 5.1 or 7.1 analog surround. The Pro Surround can also be customized with three rollable op-amps. Output Configuration
5.1 Channel (Analog)
Dynamic Range (DNR)
123dB (Playback)
Signal-To-Noise (SNR)
123dB (Playback)
Playback Format (Analog)
Up to 192KHz, 32bit (7.1/5.1/4.0)
Surround Out (3x 3.5mm (Side L/R, Rear L/R, Center/Sub))
Premium Components
DAC - 3x AKM AK4493
OP-AMP (Daughterboard) - 3x ADI OP275
Capacitors - Audio Note Seiryu, Audio Note Standard, Nichicon
Switchable OP-AMP
Side, Rear, Center/Sub
PCIe x1 Gen2, mini-DP
Backplate Included
Supported OS
Windows 10 64-bit
Item Dimension (L"x W"x H")
7 x 2 x 11
2.00 LB
Warranty Information
3 Years

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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